I’m connected to the FDX Box WiFi network, but the Box user interface doesn’t load. How can I fix it?

As a first step, check that you have entered the URL http://my.filmdatabox.com correctly into your browser. Some browsers will automatically replace that URL with one beginning with https://, which will not work. If that happens, change it back to http:// (without the s) and try again.

Some browser extensions can also interfere with the connection to the box, for example by trying to modify it to HTTPS as described above. If you have any browser extensions installed, try disabling them one by one.

Finally, some USB 3 devices, such as card readers, docking stations or other adapters can interfere with WiFi signals. If you have any USB devices connected to the Box or to your computer, try unplugging them. If that fixes the problem but you need to use the USB device anyway, it often helps to move the device to a different USB port, to use a better quality USB cable, or even just to move the USB device to a different position.