File Downlad

If Files have been uploaded to the FDX Cloud, anyone with access to the Box can download these Files to local storage.

Login to the FDX Cloud or the Box

Click „File Download“ in the burger menu.

You can see all projects you are assigned to.

Choose the Project you want to download Files from.

With a Click on it the Folder opens. Then click on the Fileset.

Here you will find the xml-File containing all metadata regarding the Fileset. You can download this XML.

Video and Sound Assets will be available at the Folder called Transcode, Sound or Original.

Here you will find the clip collection of the Fileset.

With a click on the Download symbol next to the folder you will download the whole folder. If you want to Download single clips, open the folder and search the clip you are looking for.

After a click on the Download symbol your browser will start the download.