User Management

Click on „User Management“.

Log in to the Cloud. The User Management Dashboard opens. Here you can see all your Users.

To create a new one, click on the Plus Symbol.

For any new User you can choose between three types:

The Administrator has full control: Project and User management, Data Management and FDX Cloud.Data Managers can process all Data and use the FDX Cloud, but have no access to Project and User management. This is mainly for Data Wranglers and or anyone responsible for Data Backup on SetCloud User can only use FDX Cloud with downloading Files. This is mainly for Editors or Directors. Let’s create a new user. This will be a Data Manager, we name him Tom. To set Tom, enter his Mailadress and create a password. Tom will now get an E-Mail with his login Data. User Data can be changed and Users can be removed later. With a click on „Done“ the box will create the User and you will see Toms Profil. Now you can assign a project to Tom, which he can work on. In our case it’s the Project Test. Be aware, that you have to Save all changes with a click on „save changes“. Wait for confirmation.

After that you can go back to the User Management dashboard and you will see Toms profile has been created. If you want to test it you should Log out yourself with a click on the „Log Out“ Tab and Login again as Tom.