Backup. Transcode. Preview. Share.

The All-In-One-Solution for your Film Data.

Non-Fiction footage needs to be managed for editing, postproduction and archiving.
It has to be carefully stored. It needs to be transcoded for different working platforms.
It needs to be enriched with metadata and shared quickly with other stakeholders.

And it must never be lost.

The FILM DATA BOX is solving all this in just one device with an integrated cloud solution.
Fully automated.

Backup, verify and transcode any video format right at the shoot

Upload raw footage and transcodes automatically to the integrated FDX-Cloud or Dropbox, Vimeo, FTP or SFTP and more…

Work parallel on several projects simultaneously via mobile or desktop web frontend

Create workflows and pin them to FDX ports to automatize processes even more

Run the FDX box on battery or Car connector

Process multiple source and storage devices at the same time

Add metadata to your footage and get full documentation via email

Integrated SD card reader and multiple ports:
9 x USB3, including 2x Thunderbolt3 (USB3.1g2); 

Walk away from the FDX box and watch processes via internet/cloud

Add multiple users with 3 different access levels



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