What is the Filmdatabox?

The FDX Box is an integrated hardware and software concept to backup, verify and transcode common professional video formats right on set in automated workflows. It is possible to setup instant uploads to our FDX Cloud, Dropbox, Vimeo, FTP or SFTP and more.

I'm connected to the FDX Box WiFi network, but the Box interface doesn't load. How can I fix it?

As a first step, check that you have entered the URL http://my.filmdatabox.com correctly into your browser. Some browsers will automatically replace that URL with one beginning with https://, which will not work. If that happens, change it back to http:// (without the s) and try again.

Some browser extensions can also interfere with the connection to the box, for example by trying to modify it to HTTPS as described above. If you have any browser extensions installed, try disabling them one by one.

Finally, some USB 3 devices, such as card readers, docking stations or other adapters can interfere with WiFi signals. If you have any USB devices connected to the Box or to your computer, try unplugging them. If that fixes the problem but you need to use the USB device anyway, it often helps to move the device to a different USB port, to use a better quality USB cable, or even just to move the USB device to a different position.

How do I start working with the FDX Box?

When you buy the box you will ll get an email with your username and password. Scan the QR code or log in directly using these credentials. Connect your device with the FDX Box through a local WiFi connection, as the Box is functioning as a hotspot. Afterwards, connect the Box with the internet and create a project or add other users if needed (admins, datamanagers, Cloud users). Set up the project by adding metadata, number of backups, transcode and Cloud upload settings. Then start connecting external source and storage devices. The copying/transcode upload processes start automatically.

What codecs does the box read?

All common codecs provided by Sony, Red, Canon and Blackmagic cameras. Also, all the codecs ffmpeg.org is providing.

Does the box read Arriraw?

At this point unfortunately not.

What codecs does the Box provide for transcoding?

Output FormatBitrate
CinemaDNGvariesAs original
H 2642-11
AVC-Intra 50501440x1080
AVC-Intra 1001001920x1080
DNxHD 36361920x1080
ProRes Proxy-381920x1080
ProRes Proxy-1513840x2160
ProRes LT-851920x1080
ProRes LT-3423840x2160

What ports does the Box have?

The Box offers nine USB 3.0 ports in total, including three Type C ports – two of which support Thunderbolt 3 – and a built-in SD card reader.

Who is the manufacturer of the Box?

The FDX Box hardware is based on an Intel NUC-KIT NUC8I7HNK.

What is the warranty on the hardware?

The coverage of standard guarantee is 3 years, provided by Intel.

Can I run several projects on the Box at the same time?

Yes. The Box can also handle copy, transcode and upload processes of several processes in parallel.

Can I connect keyboard and monitor to the Box?

Yes. But still you can control the box with your smartphone, tablet or laptop via the FDX Box WiFi.

Does the Box use GPU rendering?

At this time unfortunately no.

Can I add an external GPU to speed things up?

At this time unfortunately no.

How fast is the CPU?

It is an Intel i7 8th Generation with 3.1 GHZ.

Can I check process statuses while I am away?

Yes! Updates on all processes and errors are being sent via our Cloud directly on your device, as long as the box is connected to the internet too.

Can I work with the Box without internet?

Yes you can directly connect to the box via WiFi with your Smartdevice or Laptop. The box creates a WiFi Hotspot. An internet connection is required for configuring Box user accounts and to configure some upload destinations (Vimeo aox creates a WiFi hotspot but an internet connection is required for configuring the Box user accounts and to specify some upload destinations (Vimeo and Dropbox).

How do I get informed about an error while I am away?

The state of the Box is visible on the internet at any time. Access the website, login and get to know if the processes run smoothly or errors happened.

How di I get informed about a finished process while I am away?

Every user signed on a project receives an email once the processes related to this project are finished.

Can I run the Box on batteries?

Yes. It can either run on a car DC adapter or on other power solutions. Please get in touch with the support team to learn more about this.

Does the Box show its status through hardware signals?

Yes there are three LEDs on the Box. The left one shows in green and red, if there are actions required by the user. The middle one shows if the local WiFi connection of the user to the box is active. The right one shows if the box is currently connected to the internet.

How does the FDX Box get updated?

Updates are being sent to the box automatically, when they are online. LED´s on the box are blinking yellow during that time. The user does not have to do anything.

I lost connection the the FDX Box. How can I get it back?

Make sure you are connected to the Wifi called FDX …xxx. If you are connected to another WiFi network check my.filmdatabox.com for options how to connect to your FDX through the cloud.

Can I send my transcodes to my editor right away?

Yes transcodes can be sent to a frame.io, FTP, SFTP, Vimeo or Dropbox account automatically after setting this up. We have also integrated our own FDX Cloud for easy access and delivery.

Who is servicing the FDX Cloud services?

The services are provided by Amazon´s AWS.

How long do uploaded files stay in the FDX Cloud?

Each “fileset” uploaded from the box to the FDX Cloud will be available for download for six months from the end of the upload.

How does the FDX ticket system work?

For every device a ticket is being created. If at least one source device ticket and one storage device ticket exist, a process ticket can go into action. If an error appears, related tickets are showing up in the Action Required section coloured in red or orange.

How do I get in touch with the support team?

How much power does the Box consume?

Power on: 50 W

Idle: 24-30W

Copy: 37-39W

Transcode: 40-42W

How does the Box verify the data?

VERIFY OFF (Project Settings): During copying, the FDX Box calculates and records an MD5 checksum of every file. The checksums are listed in the Copy Report files, and can be used to verify the integrity of the files later. VERIFY ON (Project Settings): The FDX Box verifies the integrity of the data immediately after copying: Rereading the source data a second time and checking it against the recorded checksums guards against data loss due to failing memory cards, card readers or cables. This verification is optional because the process takes about as long as the original copying, so you may choose to prioritise speed over safety.

How do I connect the FDX Box to a hotel WiFi network?

Hotels and other public WiFi networks often use “captive portal” systems. To use the FDX Box with those networks, first connect the Box to the WiFi network as normal. Then, while you are still connected to the Box, try to open some page on the internet. If the public WiFi network has a special login page, it will appear now. After you complete the login process in your browser, the Box should have Internet access.

How many backups can I create?

The FDX Box can write 4 backups on external devices parallely.

Can I save my profile, when I rent a FDX Box?

Yes, users can download all projects, project settings, user information and process history from a FDX Box as a .fdx file. To reinstall and activate a profile on another or the same FDX Box again, this file has to be uploaded to the Box.